Hi there, glad you stopped by. I’m alexandru totolici: occasional writer, habitual hacker, student of sundry things.

I like practical minimalism and simple solutions, and prefer tools that get close to both.

Apple products get almost there, despite shortcomings of their own: sometimes functionality is traded out for an increase in simplicity though both could reasonably coexist. If this trade-off where to no longer work for me, I’d probably use Linux. Or move into the woods.

I write mainly in Sublime Text or Vim, both loaded up with a number of plugins; my dotfiles have the details. Likewise, all the tweaks to iTerm 2, oh-my-zsh, and tmux are in there as well.

I use OmniFocus to make sense of the things going on in my life, Reeder and Instapaper to keep track of the things going on in the world.